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So this title isn’t meant to sound quite so filthy. But after I seem to have eaten meat for every meal in the past week, I feel meated out and loving it. Last Thursday night, I left work early and legged it to Oxford Street, where I stood in the queue for the one and only Meat Liquor. I am an avid fan of this crew, after trekking to New Cross for my taste of the pop up Meat Easy a year ago,  I was back for more. This time in it’s new permanent fixture and it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you don’t like meat and/or liquor don’t bother queuing it won’t be your scene.

In the blustery cold, the queue went quite quickly (bear in mind it was 6.30pm?!). Once we were in, we launched ourselves onto some wooden stools and got cracking on the cocktail menu. An enormous list of drinks. Bourne and Hollingsworth style with jam jars and metal cups and the likes. Think a lot of  rum, a lot of whiskey and a lot of absinthe.

Once that decision was made. Ooooo ahhhh. Next was the list of burgers. Which once ordered came out on a tray. Eat with your hands. Rolls of kitchen paper. Ketchup. Mustard. What else do you need? Nothing. It’s sublime. Fries not chips. Cracking salads (shame on you if you are eating that without a burger) and just spectacular drinks. Super loud music, cool circular grafitti-ed roof, hot waitresses. I loved it. So I’m going to say what I said at the top, every chick loves meat. With a halo on top. Oh and the dead hippie burger is a must.

by Em Bell