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Drinking has taken a dramatic turn over the past couple of years. Drinking isn’t just drinking anymore. It’s all about the experience. From scientific, to Victorian cellars, to hidden rooms, to grandmas sitting room. I know these have been around for a while now, but the numbers are growing and they really are spectacular. I am like a child. I love being entertained. Constantly. So I finally made it to the one and only Bourne and Hollingsworth.

To start I missed the entrance. Inconspicuous and downstairs. Pretty blooming hot but the decoration was a distraction. Filled with people. Dude DJ-ing. Flowery wall paper. Grannies lace table cloths. And a bar like you want a bar to look. Situated in the heart of Noho, this place is cool. It epitomises what people want from a bar these days. And the cocktails are mean. And brilliant. The menus fold down into a little square and are filled with options. I steadily made my way through the list. Jam jars, tea cups and cocktail glasses. That’s a choice in itself. If a little sandwich tempts you then go for the tea cup. I had a couple.

Cracking night out. For a date. For hanging out. For a chilled drink. For a big one. I loved it. Make sure you book a table. I got in a bit of a fight. At least I had a jam jar of alcohol to calm me down…

by Em Bell