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There are two things in life that I worship immensely. The Donmar Warehouse and Eddie Redmayne. Throw them both together and you get Richard II. Every year we go on a family Christmas outing and this year saw drinks at Fuel Bar, the delights of Eddie himself and then supper at La Deuxieme.

Now I have followed Eddie Redmayne from his beginnings. From the Royal Court and the Donmar previously, to Elizabeth and The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s verging on stalking and considering he went out with my best mates sister, I embarrassed myself greatly when meeting him and attemping to play it cool. Doh. And now that he’s a big star, following his performance in ‘My Week with Marilyn’, I have no chance…

Anyway I find him a bit like Jonny Depp. He totally and utterly steals the show. Takes the role, makes it his own (as Simon Cowell would say) and drags you on an intense and utterly mesmorising journey with him. As Richard II he is insane. I mean we couldn’t stop talkiing about it. He is sweating, and spitting and totally immersed in the character. You feel every single word. Now I know I’m getting passionate, but the tickets have sold out and you really need to see it, so head down to the Donmar and queue for a ticket. It’s that good. The acting is out of this world and I would expect nothing less from the Warehouse itself as well as my true love…

by Em Bell