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You don’t have to wear a ball gown to eat oysters and drink champagne. I was wearing trainers and a really baggy, really sexy t-shirt. Sitting on wooden stool, in front of some burning candlesticks. Scallops in a shell with chorizo and chilli sauce. Perfect oysters from all different areas. Champagne. Guinness in silver goblets. I actually was so fuzzy from amazing food and drinks, that I told the two cute brothers that own it that their restaurant was in my “top five food experiences”.  I think they thought I was either a super fatty or wasted on champagne. Being a little bit of both, my comment is vaguely embarrassing but 100% true.

Brighton really isn’t that far away. There is a pier filled with rides. Dozens of amazing cafes. Shops. The beach. It’s all amazing and to top it all off you can head to Riddle and Finns for the perfect little outing. It’s spectacular. Follow it up with an ice cream on the pier. It really is the perfect day trip. Just make sure the sea gulls don’t steal your food. They are the size of lions. And equally terrifying.

by Emily Bell