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Harry Harland (Milagres – Glowing Mouth)

Brooklyn’s Milagres were the house band on XFM a few weeks ago, a neat bit of publicity that fired them into my life. Conveniently, before I could forget their name, their debut album Glowing Mouth was released on Monday.

Initial impression upon listening to the album is that singer Kyle Wilson sounds an awful lot like Coldplay’s Chris Martin. I tried my hardest not to write this, for fear of falling into some sort of lazy “New Coldplay” analogies, but it’s pretty hard to deny. On the whole, here the comparisons end though. Milagres’ more avant-garde sound is far more closely related to the likes of the Wild Beasts or, at times, reminiscent of fellow Brooklynites MGMT than Martin’s bunch, and the end result is a glorious success.

Wilson’s changing between normal and falsetto vocals sweeps effortlessly over a range of songs from the more quirky, upbeat numbers at the beginning, to some deeper, richer tracks as the album progresses. Given the dearth of decent new bands coming through at the moment, these guys are well worth a listen. Their music is very easy to listen to, and crucially immensely enjoyable.

For fans of: MGMT, Wild Beasts, and… Oh, go on then… Coldplay.