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Breakfast time is officially my favourite meal of the day. Well that is until lunch. And then until supper. And then when I’m snacking. But I do love a good breakfast. Especially when I am snuggled in the window of the one and only ‘Breakfast Club’ in Angel. Wow wow wow. It’s cute little exterior had been teasing me for a while now and so when I finally stumbled in, I was a little more than excited. Childish I could say. Which meant I fit right in as its designed as if a child has literally thrown its toys out of its pram.

Rumour has it the eggs are the thing to go for and my friend did and could barely dent the plate. So make sure you are hungrier than the BFG. But then you would only eat snozcumbers, so maybe not.

I was feeling healthy and sparkly and so I ordered a perfectly sized bowl of fruit, granola and yoghurt. Perfect size. Perfect mixture. Perfect atmosphere. Trendy yet friendly staff. Wooden furniture. Shed loads of memorabilia. Deck chairs outside. Just close your eyes and you could imagine sea gulls. Actually sod the seagulls, the breakie is too good to ignore. I loved it. And you can even knock back a few mean cocktails if you were to never leave… I almost didn’t…

by Emily Bell