Isn’t it just wonderful when bad people get caught? It’s the sort of elation that you get at the end of a film when the baddie dies, or if you’re a Daily Mail reader and a paedo gets locked up. Either way, as humans we have a defined sense of right and wrong, and when someone does wrong, they become the baddie.

Schadenfreude is right up there with sarcasm as the highest form of wit as well, but it is rare that you get the opportunity to exercise it without feeling the least bit bad. You need a target that you have no empathy with whatsoever to really enjoy it, like Hitler treading in a dog turd.

With these two points in mind, I’m sure you will enjoy the footage below, which shows my flatmate (bottom, centre) having his iPhone stolen by a quick-handed but spectacularly stupid member of the public. Police are looking into this, but in the mean time if you know this gentlemen, please can you pass on his name… As well at being slightly embarrassed at how stultifyingly thick your friends are. 

After all, what’s the expression… “Thick as thieves”?

by Harry Harland