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(A few people have sent us guest articles lately. I’m not entirely sure that any of them have made me laugh as much as this little ditty from Chris Janson. So here it is, unedited and resplendent in all it’s barking-mad glory… -ed)


Have you ever noticed nowadays when people come back from holidays or travelling, they no longer send people to sleep by flashing their photo albums everywhere beyond the point of insanity. This is all thanks to social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. 

Take an ordinary couple who have been trekking in the Himalayason a package tour.  They have an amazing time walking through the wilderness and making friends with the guides and other travelers.  They see some amazing views, watch some amazing animals and taste some amazing food and before Facebook was invented, what was the first thing they would do when returning?

The answer is the outrageous bombardment of photos that no one really wants to see, at what would have been a pleasant dinner party: “Here’s a picture of me! Here’s a picture of my wife!  Here’s a picture of both of us! This is Muhammad the tour guide and here’s a picture of Irene and Ken fromSurrey, they were so nice!” – Whoopee bloody doo, but I suppose if you went on a cruise for nine months and flashed photos, you would openly get laughed at by the entire table.   

After looking through the fiftieth photo, you just want to chuck them in the fire, looking at one or two is fine, but being forced to browse the entire collection would be anyone’s idea of hell.  In the end you have to make an excuse to leave the table in order to avoid saying, ‘Your photos are bloody boring, get them out of my fucking face!’

Now that we have Facebook, people can put their hundreds or even thousands of photos of their exciting holiday ventures online, so those who want to browse at them for days can do so, while the rest of us carry on with our lives in peace.      

by Christopher Janson