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I love a burger on a Monday. Something about it is so naughty. All the chicks I know are running home from work. Eating vegetables for supper. Trying to sweat away the debauchery of the weekend. Well with a bruised nose, glass filled feet and a new found enthusiasm for backward somersaults I headed off to do exactly what everyone wasn’t doing. Eating. And my choice of food. A rare cheese and bacon burger. With fries. And onion rings. And soda. Oh yeah. Keep running health freaks. I know what I would rather be doing.

Anyway after that I rolled into the cinema to see the hugely anticipated (well by me if no one else) “The Rum Diary”. In a nutshell (and it’s a based on a true nutshell), an American Journalist called Paul Kemp, portrayed by Johnny Depp, takes on a freelance job in a crumbling newspaper in Puerto Rico during the 1950s. He struggles to write, he drinks a lot of rum and while he gets distracted by the reality of island culture, he also gets wrapped up in the world of the expatriates.

Look I’ve never been in the cinema when five people walk out?! Five… and not to go the bog. One lady who was sitting next to me appeared to come to the cinema to make friends. When I wasn’t chatting back to her, she made comments like “Is this the cool glasses club?” pointing at my 3D appearing specs, before packing her (several) bags and leaving. Odd behaviour. Very odd. And then four more people left. Either the guys were cashing in and getting nookie before the film even ended, or they just didn’t like it. My tweets on the film (god I sound like a dweeb) were received badly. Everyone was saying ‘don’t see it’ and ‘it’s rubbish’ etc. You get the drift. But I loved it. What’s not to love in a film with Jonny Depp starring alongside spectacular side kicks, a bird that is almost hotter than him and hot cars, hot cameras, hot boats and lots and lots of rum. I loved it. Maybe as an aspiring writer, but hey. It’s directed by Bruce Robinson and it’s the first big film he’s done since ‘Withnail and I’… and there’s certainly nothing to hate about that movie.

If you want to see the work of a cracking director, perve on an insanely hot chick, love Johnny Depp and want to get wrapped up in the world of rum and things, then go. I think you will like it. Even if there’s a chance you won’t make a new friend next to you.

by Em Bell