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Look I’m the chick that writes things shortly but sweetly. Maybe it’s kind of like me. Short. Sweet. Adorable? Well not very sweet or adorable but short. My grammar isn’t the best but I write how I speak and that’s what my part is here. Rubbish chat about random things in an odd but endearing way. Punch me if you want. But I sware I will be able to ravage around London and find you some little tit bits from this capital that you are not going to want to miss. Everything from hidden animal cemeteries in Hyde Park to dressing up as a cockroach in the Science Museum. I mean who wouldn’t want to dress up as a cockroach and I guess end up in Hyde Park? Well I’ve done these things, purely to tell you about them, so here it begins.

It’s been a long time waiting to sit in a seat at Spuntino and boy was it worth the wait. It is literally New York in London but better. I just have no words to explain it. Anywhere else you would be miserable standing in a queue for longer than two seconds. But when you are hanging against a brick wall with a wee ledge and a glass of prosecco in a tumbler for a fiver, then you don’t really mind. The seats are all based around the central bar and you are served by uber trendy, uber passionate dudes. I actually fancied all of them.

We glugged our way through amazing wine and munched our way through the whole menu. Mini burgers. Twirly French fries (sorry aren’t we in America?!). Soft shell crab. Calamari, chickpeas and squid ink. Oh and I got the squid ink on my friends new arm cast, so she will remember it forever. Well until the cast comes off. But still…

Get in that queue now yankee doodle. It’s my first piece of advice. If not for the food, then to be American for one night. And not the annoying kind…

by Em Bell